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Curly Hair

Preparing for your Appointment


We Ask you to Cleanse and Condition on the day or one to two days before visiting. Basically, you decide what is your best curl day if you feel it’s at its best day 2 or 3 since wash that is fine.


Come with your hair styled and dry, with product in your hair as you normally would, if you use any.


Please don’t have it tied up in a ponytail, clips, hat etc. as this can change the curl pattern.


It’s important for us to see how you manage and wear your hair day to day so we can help you achieve the best result from your curls at home, as well as in the salon.


If you are having a tough time and feeling overwhelmed with your curls not behaving as well as they normally have, don’t panic we understand no two days are the same with curls, please feel free to bring any photos of good and bad hair days so we can discuss in depth any issues your having and how to get it back to much more of the great curly hair days.

Important note - Preparing for your appointment:

By its nature this type of art is not suited to clients who also wear their hair straight more than a handful of times of year.

Childs cut under 10 year old (no wash or finish) £25

Childs cut over 10 years old (with wash and finish) £55

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